Analytical Columns that Support Method Development

The scalability of columns used in method scouting is important for method development. Shim-pack GIS/GIST/GISS series columns are available in sizes from 5 mm, suitable for HPLC analysis, to 2 mm, suitable for UHPLC analysis, allowing smooth transfer of analytical methods obtained by UHPLC method scouting for HPLC analysis. The series is also available with a wide range of modified groups, which are powerful tools in method development.

Shim-pack GIS Series

Genuine Ideal Symphony Ideal Generic HPLC Columns

Highly regarded throughout the world, Shim-pack GIS series HPLC columns are packed with high-purity silica gel. A highly uniform pore size ensures a good mobile phase flow path and excellent low pressure performance. Not only can this substantially reduce mobile phase solvent costs, but system load can be reduced. The silica gel surface is uniform and chemical modifications are stable, providing excellent reproducibility.

Shim-pack GIST Series

Genuine Ideal Symphony Tenacity Highly Stable, Highly Durable

Shim-pack GIST series columns are packed with high-purity porous spherical silica. Their increased inertness not only improves peak shapes, but also increases durability. The series columns also have a large working pH range (1 to 10), and are designed for ease-of-use during analysis of a wide variety of compounds. Reproducibility between production lots is also excellent, with the series columns recommended not only for quality control and research and development, but also for people just starting out in analysis. This series is available in a variety of pore sizes, which makes it easy to migrate methods between conventional and ultra-high-speed analysis.

Shim-pack GISS Series

Genuine Ideal Symphony Speed Robust Inertness, High-Speed Analysis

Shim-pack GISS series columns are designed with the robust inertness and wide working pH range of the GIST series, while also delivering rapid elution times and sharp peaks. Packing surface area, pore size, and chemical modification have been optimized for excellent peak shapes, making these columns ideal for high-sensitivity LC/MS/MS analysis. This series also includes the 1.9 mm and 3 mm HP series for UHPLC analyses.

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